Our Services

Welcome to AZ Automotive’s Services page. We are a one stop shop for car and truck repair in Albuquerque New Mexico. Here you will find a bit more information about the services that we offer. If you have any questions please call us or bring your vehicle in and we will be more than happy to help you.

Scheduled Maintenance: 30k 60k 90k
30k 60k 90k Benefits-Your car requires certain adjustments, services, and repairs at regular intervals. Not performing scheduled maintenance can void your warranty as well as cause damage and premature wear to components. AZ Automotive can perform these services at a much lower cost than the dealer with better quality.
Timing Belts/Chains
Benefits-Many of today’s cars have timing belts. These belts keep the cam in time with the crankshaft. If these belts are not replaced at scheduled intervals they become a time bomb. If a timing belt breaks it can cause serious damage to your motor and often times triple the cost of repairs!
Oil Changes
Benefits-Today’s vehicles should have the oil changed every 3000 miles. Some manufacturers extend these time frames for non-severe service vehicles. Severe service includes stop and go driving, use of the air conditioner and cold starts. Nearly everyone’s vehicle meets this criteria. Oil breaks down and oxidizes at a certain rate, changing your oil every 3000 miles will prevent damage to your motor and greatly extend it’s life as well as avoid breakdowns.
Benefits-Some brake specialty shops offer low cost brake jobs and then get your car in and run up the price. These shops use inferior parts as well as rip you off to make their money. At AZ Automotive we offer high quality parts and don’t sell what you don’t need! You’ll get out of our shop for less money 99% of the time.
Safety & Used Car Inspections
Benefits-Everyone should have their car inspected at regular intervals. At AZ Automotive we offer a free safety inspection with every oil change to spot problems with your car before they become expensive problems. No one should ever buy a used car without a pre-purchase inspection. I have seen cars cut in half and welded back together and many other crazy things. 40% of used cars have serious repair and maintenance issues, which can amount to over $2000 in repairs. Why do you think the owners got rid of them? We can spot these problems in a 1-hour inspection and help you find a good used car instead of somebody's old bag of worms.
Check Engine Lights
Benefits-Sometimes these can indicate serious problems with your cars computer control system, but how do you know? At AZ Automotive we have the latest diagnostic equipment and the highest trained technicians in the area. We can take care of any drive-ability or emissions related repairs accurately and often inexpensively. Mistakes on diagnostics are a common and expensive problem in the industry. We can help you avoid these mistakes by having us fix your car right the first time. Let the Pros fix it!
The alignment is the procedure that adjusts the vehicle so all the wheels are pointing in the same direction to ensure proper handling and prevent irregular tire wear. In some cases, the vehicle will pull to one side when the alignment is out. However, to say “the car drives straight, the alignment is fine” is a MYTH. Generally speaking, the angle that will cause up to 90% of tire wear CANNOT cause a pull and the primary angle that may cause a pull CANNOT cause tire wear. We recommend a wheel alignment at least once per year for maintenance or any time a suspension or steering component has been replaced.
Heating/Air Conditioning Repair
Also referred to as the climate control system, the heat and air conditioning help to keep us comfortable in the vehicle. The air conditioning system operates under high pressures and with the current EPA regulations, should be left to the professionals. The A/C system doesn’t generally require routine maintenance but should be serviced at the first signs of not cooling well enough. The heater uses the engine coolant to provide heat in the vehicle. The coolant should be flushed periodically to keep the system in top condition.
Transmission Flush Service
  • Dissolve & suspend gum & varnish in the valve body.
  • Flush old fluid and debris from system.
  • Install new fluid Benefits-Eliminates hard shifting, chattering and slipping.
  • Provides cooler operation.
  • Reconditions seals and extends transmission life.
  • *Service Interval 15,000 to 30,000 miles*
Power Steering Flush Service
  • Cleans gums and varnish from power steering unit
  • Removes old oxidized fluid and replaces with new fluid
  • Recondition seals
  • Benefits-
  • Alleviates steering pump squeal
  • Corrects hard, erratic steering
  • Prevents fluid leaks
  • Reduces wear
  • *Service Interval 18,000 to 24000 miles*
Battery Service
  • Clean battery terminals
  • Apply leak detector
  • Install anticorrosive pads
  • Two-year warranty corrosive free guarantee
  • Full battery power Worry free service
  • *Service Interval 15,000 miles*
Fuel Induction Service
  • Cleans entire fuel system from tank to exhaust
  • Cleans air intake system from throttle body to plenum
  • Cleans injectors, intake valves & combustion chambers
  • Increases performance
  • Eliminates rough idle, hard starting hesitation & pinging Increases power
  • *Service Interval 24,000 to 30,000 miles*
Coolant Flush Service
  • Power flushes the entire cooling system
  • Removes rust, scale, and sludge
  • Safe for the environment due to recycled coolant
  • Extends radiator, hoses, water pump, heater core, and thermostat life
  • Reduces operating temperature of the cooling system, automatic transmission, & air conditioning
  • *Service Interval 30,000 miles*